NEW Hair Treatment Pack for Women

$299.00 Was $415.00

Includes these great products:

Hair Fact for Women

Grace Hair Fact for Women is an Advanced Cyclical Dietary Supplement containing the following Supplements:

  • Grace Sprirulux
  • Grace CAL D3
  • Grace Tricho Shield
  • Grace Tricho Ferum
  • Grace Alexa
  • Grace Tricho Proteins

Grace Sprirulux

Spirulina-based multivitamin and mineral complex

Serving Size: 1

Tablet Serving per Container: 32

Grace Cal D3

Calcium supplement, combined with Grape Seed and Garlic

Serving Size: 1

Tablet Serving per Container: 32

Grace Tricho Shield

Pumpkin Seed Oil and Japanese Giant Knotweed Antioxidant Formulation

Serving Size: 1

Tablet Serving per Container: 32

Grace Tricho Ferum

Iron Complex

Serving Size: 1

Tablet Serving per Container: 32

Grace Alexa

Multivitamin and mineral complex combined with Omega-3 Fish Oil, Black Cohosh and Asparagus

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Serving per Container: 32

Grace Tricho Protein

Amino Acid Complex

Serving Size: 1

Tablet Serving per Container: 32

Microneedle Skin Nurse System

A painless and effective way to improve the absorbance of all topical lotions including RX7 and minoxidil lotion.

Micro needles are used to gently open up the skin’s surface which triggers the skin’s natural healing process. These tiny punctures remain open for about an hour which allows for the easy absorbance of any skin care product.

The healing process involves the production of collagen and elastin which helps to repair skin damage such as lines and wrinkles. Plus it also smooths out these signs of ageing and generally improves the appearance of the skin.

Women's Crown Laser® Rose Boost 200ml

The Rose Boost shampoo has been specially formulated for the needs of women experiencing hair loss - it is a similar product to the No.1 shampoo used by men

Women's Crown Laser® Rose Wrap 200ml

The Rose wrap has been specially formulated for the treatment of hair loss in women. This hair conditioning product is similar to the men's No.3. For best results leave the conditioner in your hair for approximately 30 minutes.

Crown Laser® Scalp Stimulator 250ml

Crown Laser® Scalp Stimulator is formulated to combat scalp disorders that can lead to dandruff, scalp irritation, itching, hair loss and Seborrhoea.

Crown Laser® Scalp Stimulator acts as a scalp cleanser, refreshes the scalp and removes residue from the scalp surface.

The product helps maintain correct pH of skin and hair and can penetrate the hair shaft and root, thickening it by up to 10% while repairing damaged hair, making it more manageable.

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