Massage Laser Brush



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Achieve thicker, stronger, longer hair in the privacy of your own home. Treatment is cost effective, safe and easy.

The IHLS Laser Brush delivers nourishing laser light energy that helps to stimulate and enliven hair follicles thereby promoting new hair growth.

The laser and light technology in this lightweight handheld device is the same technology used in hair salons worldwide to revitalise thicker, richer-looking hair.

The IHLS Laser Brush has been proven to energise hair follicles, stimulate hair growth and increase hair density and fullness while also revitalising damaged hair.

Ideal for travellers, FIFO workers and busy people.

Product Structure

  1. On/Off: Long press the key to turn the device on or off. Press this key to start or pause the laser. While device is working, click this key to vibrate.
  2. Charging the Socket.
  3. The Host.
  4. Comb Teeth.
  5. Charging the Socket: For charging.
  6. USB Line: Use to connect the charger.

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