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  • Crown Laser® Scalp Hygiene 12 Pack
  • Massage Laser Brush
  • Organic DHT Scalp Cleansing Bar
  • Help Hair™ Whey Protein Concentrate

Just getting started regrowing your own hair? Get the new IHLS Hair Regrowth Starter Pack!

This pack contains everything you need to get started on your hair regrowth journey:

Men's Crown Laser® Scalp Hygiene 12 Pack

The Crown Laser Scalp Hygiene 12 Pack helps maintain healthy hair while improving hair follicles and promoting new hair growth faster. This 3 step process is the key to maintaining healthy hair:

Step 1: Crown Laser Scalp Boost
In order to get the most out of your Crown Laser treatment it is important to keep your scalp in a healthy condition. Crown Laser Scalp Boost is the first of three products targeted at achieving the best possible result. It is suitable for all scalp types.

Step 2: Crown Laser Scalp Stimulator
Acts as a scalp cleanser, refreshing the scalp and removing residue from the scalp surface. The product also helps maintain the correct pH balance of skin and hair and can penetrate the hair shaft, thickening it by up to 10% while repairing damaged hair and making it more manageable.

Step 3: Crown Laser Scalp Balance
Specifically formulated to instantly increase hair strength, body and shine.

Massage Laser Brush

Achieve thicker, stronger, longer hair in the privacy of your own home. The IHLS Massage Laser Brush delivers nourishing laser light energy that helps to stimulate and enliven hair follicles thereby promoting new hair growth.

The laser and light technology in this lightweight handheld device is the same technology used in hair salons worldwide to revitalise thicker, richer-looking hair. The IHLS Laser Brush has been proven to energise hair follicles, stimulate hair growth and increase hair density and fullness while also revitalising damaged hair.

Ideal for travellers, FIFO workers and busy people.

Organic DHT Scalp Cleansing Bar

Our latest hand-made Organic DHT Scalp Cleansing Bar has powerful detoxifying and deep cleansing properties, excellent for drawing out dihydrotestosterone (DHT) impurities. It also acts as a natural deodoriser.

Contains 5 of the most  powerful and proven DHT inhibitors that stop hair loss, promote hair growth, reduce dandruff & sooth itchy scalps:

  1. Saw Palmetto: Proven DHT inhibitor stops the conversion of testosterone into DHT.
  2. Green Tea: Lowers Sebum DHT by itself and increases levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which are closely associated with male pattern baldness. Green Tea also inhibits aromatase (a benefit for ageing men), testosterone ratio and immune function.
  3. Ketoconazole: Powerful anti-fungal and DHT inhibiting properties, as well as a sebum remover. It’s a Schedule 2 grade medication and scientifically proven to stop hair loss. Helps with dandruff and balancing pH.
  4. Pure Emu Oil: Contains limonene acid which is an effective DHT inhibitor, anti-inflammatory and promotes hair growth.
  5. Soy: High protein seeds from the soy plant containing estrogen-like compounds called isoflavones. Soy also contains a molecule that effectively prohibits the formation of DHT (14 scientific studies determine soy reduces DHT by itself by 26%).

Help Hair™ Whey Protein Concentrate

Help Hair Whey Protein Concentrate is a delicious protein concentrate fortified with vitamins, minerals and Chinese herbs to promote healthy growth of hair and nails. Developed in the USA by a leading dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon to increase the rate of hair growth. Provides the required nutrients to promote healthy hair growth, improve texture, density and body of hair.

Help Hair Whey Protein Concentrate contains:

  • A high level of biotin (2.5 mg per serving), the most important ingredient for healthy hair and nails.
  • B vitamins to support your body under stress.
  • Iodine for healthy thyroid function which regulates growth.
  • Niacin that helps to open the micro-capillaries in the scalp.
  • Minerals such as zinc and manganese which are essential for proper cell function.
  • A special proprietary blend of amino acids which are the building blocks of collagen, elastin and keratin, which make up the hair, nails and skin.



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