Men's Crown Laser® Scalp Hygiene Package

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The Crown Laser Scalp Hygiene Package helps maintain healthy hair while improving hair follicles and promoting new hair growth faster.

Looking after your hair and scalp is essential to maintaining a good standard of personal hygiene. Keeping your hair clean, shiny and strong means healthy hair that is in good condition. Having good looking hair can also improve your personal confidence and give you a fresh outlook on life.

For best performance, use a Crown Laser Helmet.

This 3 step process is the key to maintaining healthy hair:

Step 1:
Crown Laser® Scalp Boost. In order to get the most out of your Crown Laser treatment it is important to keep your scalp in a healthy condition. Crown Laser Scalp Boost is the first of three products targeted at achieving the best possible result. It is suitable for all scalp types.

Apply 1 x 10 cent piece size amount of Crown Laser Scalp Boost to wet hair, massage into scalp for one minute then rinse thoroughly.

Step 2:
Crown Laser® Scalp Stimulator acts as a scalp cleanser, refreshing the scalp and removing residue from the scalp surface. The product also helps maintain the correct pH balance of skin and hair and can penetrate the hair shaft, thickening it by up to 10% while repairing damaged hair and making it more manageable.

Use Crown Laser Scalp Stimulator to combat scalp disorders that can lead to dandruff, scalp irritation, itching, hair loss and seborrhoea.

Tilt head backwards. Apply approx. 5ml (1 capful) of Crown Laser Scalp Stimulator directly onto scalp, massage gently. Leave on scalp for one minute then rinse.

Step 3:
Crown Laser® Scalp Balance is specifically formulated to instantly increase hair strength, body and shine.

Apply 1 x 10 cent piece size amount of Crown Laser Scalp Balance. Massage into scalp for one minute then rinse.

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