Crown Laser® Helmet

New and exclusive to IHLS, the new Crown Laser® Helmet is the only laser helmet of its kind in the world.

This is the ultimate in hair regrowth laser helmets. We have spent years developing a laser helmet that incorporates all the features that this one has. It has the strongest lasers suitable for cosmetic purposes, which help to stimulate and enliven hair follicles promoting new hair growth faster.

Our patented Crown Laser Helmet uses ground-breaking low-level cold laser technology to stimulate hair regrowth. It is totally safe, non-invasive and pain free. It is a world-first in the field of hair loss treatment and is battery operated, completely hands free and portable. This means you no longer need to spend hours combing or brushing your hair or being tied to somewhere where you are connected to a power socket.

Because our Crown Laser Helmets have been developed with your specific needs in mind, they are only available through Innovative Hair Loss Solutions. That way we can be sure that the information and service you receive is delivered by one of our trained consultants.

We can also recommend the most appropriate topical treatments to enhance the effects of the Crown Laser Helmet, but we do encourage you to contact us for further information on how we can help you regrow your own hair in the comfort of your own home.

Crown Laser Helmets can also be custom made using precisely the right amount of lasers required to match your individual hair loss patterns.

Shop with confidence: IHLS offers ongoing support for your hair regrowth journey.

  • New model design
  • Strongest lasers for cosmetic purposes
  • Longer lasting reusable shells
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Clip in and out replaceable diodes with individual circuit boards
  • Long-life rechargeable batteries – no cords
  • Can be custom made with lasers to match your individual hair loss patterns
  • Two new models with optional upgrades
  • Comes with a free back pack for easy airport travel
  • Comes with one year supply of hygiene products
  • Australian made, established since 1996.


  • Lasers - wavelength 650nm, power 5mw
  • Power supplied to helmet by rechargeable Lithium ion battery 3.7v / 1500mah
  • Wall charger 100 volts to 250 volts Australian wall socket

Mark Poland’s Crown Laser Helmet Hair Regrowth Story

Mark Poland shares his hair regrowth journey using the Crown Laser Helmet.

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